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About Us

EXPATinRUSSIA.com is a leading project of the company AcademyRu, which is based in Moscow, Russia, that focuses mainly on welcoming newly arriving expats to Russia and making sure they will feel at home quickly by helping them to find convenient accommodation, get a proper medical insurance and assistance, and by providing all sorts of practical advice.

The founders have years of experience of living in different countries. During those years they experienced their fair share of practical problems and frustrations when trying to settle in a new country. With this in mind Don decided: “These problems can and should be avoided”.

It is the basic idea behind starting EXPATinRUSSIA.com — to assist expats with their relocation to Russia, based on own experiences and knowledge gathered over the years, to ensure a smooth relocation process for all the clients.

Now they feel at home in Moscow after having lived here for more than 20 years. Several administrative staff, a housing consultant and an insurance expert make EXPATinRUSSIA.com international staff complete.

Why choose us?
EXPATinRUSSIA.com truly understands its clients and will ensure clients are connected to reliable local services in Russia in order to settle quickly and feel at home.
Would you like to learn more about the services we offer? Please feel free to get in touch so we can answer any questions you may have.

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